How i had a happy ending erotic massage at home

A happy last erotic massage To be said in advance: I never breathed. Brothels don't turn me on. And I miss the champagne money. I was about to use an expensive sinful escort service when I finally had some money. To control this experience inside me. But then I pulled my tail.

  I don't divulge the details, because in spite of everything, I can recommend the massage there. I mean, up to a certain point.

Just to record this time: There are small-scale massage instructions that contain possible pain spots on the human back, instead of flashing bright ads that are constantly lit in the window of the window. The hall looked very serious.

But when I came in, one of three hipster women smoking outside the hair salon next door gave me a strange look. It's a humiliating, judgmental mix. However, since this view is unique to many young attractive attractive women who are young and attractive in the body, I didn't think much of it. And since there was no one there, I immediately made an appointment for an hour of full body massage, price of 1000 UAH.

"Get up, please, yes?", masseuse asked me, and I'll take the shorts off. So far, i've definitely had to take off my underwear while I was definitely in the thirteenth erotic massage, and I was definitely 20 times more comfortable. Now what he suggested in this case. It was already open, I should have been suspicious, but it wasn't, maybe I was a little hazy from the smell of incense and hoping for a blanket towel in the house. What do I have? So I lay there: naked under the towel, everything in the green area. The massage started, and I thought the crow had let me fly away and fall, the rain that drizzled two meters.

After about 45 minutes, the neck, back, legs and feet – for the legs and feet, brought the lady to the room for a second. The masseur asked me to turn around and lifted the towel. I believed that after I opened my back, it would be remarkably fast enough in my mind. That didn't happen. Instead, one of the ladies said, "Yes, yes, Ficki, Ficki, yes?" Asked.

Massage Parlor in Kiev – Erotic massage in Kiev

He really said, "Ficki, Ficki." I was shocked, and I replied reflexively: "Oh, no, please, just massage!"

When I saw their bewildered faces, I thought briefly about the situation. You gave him a massage. Now he's offering you sex. Are you on it? What should you do now? Get up and go? Lie and wait? Are you desperate to take the next 15 minutes? Ladies, do they ask where they keep the flashing "24-hour" sign?

I've decided not to have sex and to keep going to bed. But the masses, a 30-year-old colleague and a 45-year-old Thai woman, did not give up, took off their pants and panties and proudly presented them and asked again: "Ficki, Ficki no, you both have Ficki with us!"

But I remained hard, still naked and now completely indifferent. But he wondered: "Oh, no, thank you! Please just massage. Ah, exactly: In what condition does Ficki, Ficki cost extra?"

When he understood that question, he nodded, no, nothing extra, all inclusive. I was surprised it was worth the money and politely asked for the continuation of the massage. I've obviously been misunderstood.

Although the boss sent his colleague out, despite the smooth oil dripping on his hands, even though he was now wearing his pants again, but instead of putting the blanket on my tail, he suddenly missed a handiwork. Well, it was like it was slowly slipping out of my hands. But at first glance, it was nothing more than a surprised look.

It's nice, no doubt. Outside, the cold rain can open and close, and mine is tightly under control, and I was in a warm room, and I let my self-warm hands shake its tail. I had to laugh, it was ridiculous, luckily he didn't hear it, but he was too busy to create a sexual atmosphere with moaning and dirty talk. What a terrible failure. A few minutes later, I finished the intimate massage that seemed to make him incredibly sad.

"Don't come, no?"

"No, I'm sorry, thank you."

I paid, I went, I tipped her, I nodded at her. It was the first time I'd ever wondered if I was a suitor. And – wink – if the eotic massage ending in a happy ending were more realistic than I had previously thought.

So I searched the Internet for similar experiences of other Thai massage visitors. And I found the owner of the Salon Honey massage parlor on the Nightmanian block. The owner of the massage parlor asks: "Now, erotic massage studio or Thai hot springs have the additional advantage.

Is this a cliché or do many spas in Thailand really have existing sexual services as customers? "The massage parlor owner replies," No, you don't understand. On the contrary, if it is a blue eye or at least an intitian, it is a friendly dismissal. Almost 99% of traditional studios either showcase 'no eroticism' writers or make it clear that there is nothing there with their appearance and guest talk. ”

I looked again: The appearance of my massage parlor varies in any way from my rooster being lubricated to the other halls I've visited so far.

"However, there is," says Salon Honey Owner, "some erotic suppliers sailing under the wrong flag, then called "Paradise Massage" or "Pattaya Health"; one for men, one for women and couples." There's only one "house" behind the name in my living room, and I didn't see a flag there.

There's no report from my living room. And it's not reports with a history similar to mine. So: the surprised massage visitor wonders about the happy ending offered.

To this end, men report on their experiences in forums, Thailand, or in European salons where egg massage is a good thing. The Swiss website reported rw54: "I had a massage for an hour and I found it quite nice and beautiful." And then when I could return, I touched the masseuse regularly and accidentally "accidentally" when I was who I was before. It wasn't hidden.

When the time ran out, he offered me an FM that I used. She also offered to take off her clothes, but I didn't want to, and she also let me touch you. I finally paid chf 150. "

Was I a pufta? Did I pay for a prostitute? I contacted Kiev with the "HYDRA eV prostitute meeting place and advice" and requested clarification. "As you described," they were told, "they used it for sexual service and paid for it." Such a happy ending is rarely seen or rarely seen in unmarked halls. At least since I got it: I was a suitor.

I went back to the gym and wasn't told why there would be at least a partially erotic massage before the massage. Someone didn't want to understand me, but he offered me another massage. I went home, clicked on the shop's homepage. Apparently, it was created in 2003 and hasn't been processed any further since. Then, in the font, font size 8, i finally lit up:

I still don't think I paid a prostitute. I don't classify two minutes of sex, erotic massage. I didn't even tip, let's say I paid for prostitution in the groin. However, Since then, I prefer to go back to other massage parlors. And I'm happy with that. The end

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