Kiev Mini House Prices Reviews 2021

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Why didn't I try? Let's just say a little scare, a little shyness. We didn't speak language sequencing then.


Anyway, let's get to the point.


Let's start with the meaning of the mini house. The word means mini-small house, as most of you know. It is known as small general houses in Ukrania. They also call it a hall in their own language. Beauty can come to the massage parlor when she says salon. When you say mini-house, it makes one sense. Prostitutes and girls are generally temporary, but they serve homes.


In Ukraine, such services are done in a comfortable manner because there is not a lot of legal or pressure. Especially the work that some of the girls who are educated at the university do to pay for it, or they can come from the provincial cities and work here. Obviously, when I'm gone after three or five months, it's almost impossible to find the same girl in the houses, or the girls whose number I've got don't work. Like I said, they're doing it temporarily.


If you say where their address will be


They're mostly at the center. There are those that are far away, and it's a little cheaper, but it's the same as taxi fare.


The girls who work here are not in the monopoly of any of the houses. Girls work with a certain percentage. They can leave at any time. The economic situation in the country is not much better. It's not hard to find someone to work with.


So what kind of system do you think is safe?


First of all, i've never had a great deal of trouble, even though there's been a little bit of trouble so far.


There are two kinds of systems.


The first is to go to these houses and pick and pick them and, if you wish, to see your work there or take them to where you're staying.


*You have to pay for a taxi to get to where you're staying (100-300 uah (20-60 TL))


*When you get home, the girls line up in front of you and wait for you to choose. There are no circumstances like rejection. You understand body languages and choose according to the situation and taste.


*You can also call it to your address.


How long can I get?


In general you can get 1 hour. (2-3) if you want there is no limit for 1 hour. 1,2,3…


It can also be half an hour (pol çasika). In general, the price is more than half. For example, 1400 se 1000-1200 UAH may be requested.


Normal ones

*They don't speak much English (you can contact the translator)

*They may ask you to take a shower, and then they go to take a shower.

*Kissing doesn't happen much.

*If he likes you, he might want to meet you.

*You may have a fee for something to drink inside.

*You have to wear a case.


*Be polite. The return will be positive.

*Don't insist on taking a shower

*Don't come too drunk.

*There is a warmer environment where you are staying. You'll get a bonus.

*Mini houses work 24 hours a day. The return of the club may be tired on both sides and it is advisable to go earlier because it is busy.

*The ideal time is between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. The evening becomes more choice.

*Make sure you use the case.


Houses are generally in the center. Where there's a lot of demand.


Is it safe? Is it a dominant?


Mini houses are safe and won't be raided. It's almost legal.



Starting from 800 over 30 and overweight

Starting from 1500, starting from 19. It goes up to 3500-4000. The status of the houses, the price is determined in accordance with the demand.


The quality of the girls varies according to their home. A girl with a price of 1500 can be better at a 2,000-year-old house.

When you get home to the hotel, the time begins.

You can also write for travel advice. Your TL is converted to hryvnia (Ukrainian currency). Your remaining hryvnia (Ukrainian currency uah) is converted to TL

Booking a non-credit card, prepaid certificate. Hand-paid. Late-day check-in.

Prices below the market. You can check out the rental apartments on our instagram page.

In Kiev, you receive partial free counseling after you have made your payment by hand and settled in your home. (Eating and drinking, nightclub advice etc)





Massage parlors


There are massage parlors in many places with big and small. In general, girls only do massages, i.e. erotic massages. They don't have sex (they call it gland intima. There are massage services such as classic and VIP. (There are other massages) The price can be more affordable than the mini house. Prices have increased recently as demand has increased.


Starting from 600 uah (Odd) goes up to 2800 Uah ($100).

There are 30, 60, 90 minutes of massages.

If you want to get home, the fare increases and taxi fare is added.

A separate fee may be charged for touch.



You can also find amateurs, girls working on their own accounts.

Most of them don't have whatsapp. You may need to speak Russian. The vast majority of the pictures he sends are fake. You have to negotiate accordingly from the beginning. If you don't like it, you can send it back, but you'll have to pay for the taxi. If you don't speak Russian, the phone may be hung up on your face!

Everything aside, it can be cheap and very good.


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